An Overview of Crisis Management Plan in the Ambit of Commercial Security
  • In one of our previous posts, we discussed 10 commercial security steps to safeguard your business. Of the 10 steps we had discussed in that post, one was having a crisis management plan and team in place, which will live up to the changing security scenario and threat perceptions. In this post, let us discuss in detail about crisis management plan to have a broader view. Let us discuss the topic stage by stage.

    However, before we take a sneak peek into a crisis management plan, let us discuss what crisis management is.

    What is after all Crisis Management?

    A crisis can be defined as an instance of an incidence, which can pose a significant threat and can have negative consequences, if left unaddressed or not dealt with, properly. Classically speaking, crisis leads to the following three consequences:

    • Public safety
    • Financial losses
    • Damage to the reputation

    Effective crisis management has to address these three stages, and here is where an effective crisis management plan had to be there in place and is where a Commercial Security company in Sydney like anywhere will make a difference.

    What is meant by a crisis management plan?

    Classically speaking, a crisis management plan can be defined as a blueprint, which describes the procedure that a commercial or a business organisation should fabricate and put into place, in response to a critical situation, which could have an adverse impact on the security, reputation, and ability to function in a proper way. Crisis management plans fabricated by the commercial security companies, would counter the security threats and minimise o prevent damages. An effective crisis management plan would also provide guidelines for personnel, communications, and resources.

    The Nature of the crisis

    The types of crises that an effective Crisis Management Plan addresses, may include by is not limited to:

    • Accidental events, ?inflicted by human errors like fires and explosions, mishaps like accidental spills of hazardous materials, and so on.
    • Incidents like robbery, acts of violence, fire breakout,s unauthorised trespassing, theft, and the likes
    • Technological mishaps like the disruption of internet connection and instances of cyber attacks.

    What commercial security company includes in Crisis Management Plan?

    Classically speaking, a crisis management plan includes preparation of the blueprint, development of the process, testing, and training. And for creating an effective Crisis Management Plan, the security specialists would take the following steps.

    Jotting down the likely instances of crisis that commercial property is likely to face

    Documenting the criteria to determine if the crisis has taken place.

    Establishing an effective monitoring system along with practices in the wake of potential crisis situations.

    Evaluation and Implementation of the Plan

    Once the plan has been formulated, the specialists offering security guard services in Sydney would start considering it as a living document. In fact, the quality and the competency of a security company depend on the efficacy of the crisis management plan they come up with.

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