Security Consultants

Security Consultants in Sydney

Our security consultants have extensive experience and are able to conduct risk analyses with your budget in mind.

Security consulting is a process that involves identifying and assessing existing and anticipated security risks to determine the specific security needs of the client.

4Front Security is prepared to put innovative security services into place, giving our clients – you – immediate security solutions.

Security consultants will be able to help you decide the most suitable product for you based on the location of your premises, the surrounding neighbourhood, and most significantly the landscape. Today, attacks can target multiple entry points simultaneously and in a coordinated fashion. Understanding this challenge can require expert guidance. 4Front Security Consultants will help you understand your threat environment and recommend how best to improve your security architecture. It is imperative to continuously improve the state of your security program.
With decades of hands-on experience securing large organisations, 4Front Security Consultants team can explain the importance and impact of the threats you may face and make practical recommendations for improving the security posture of your organisation. Our Security consultants have the capability to catch out obvious security problems which may have been missed. With all the security breaches in the news lately, you may be thinking of calling a security consultant to aid in improving your Security and protection.
Security Consultants at 4Front Security provide expertise in the following:
One of the biggest concerns in this industry is accountability and verification of visits. 4Front Security utilises a high tech reporting system to track officers' patrols. Officers have to photograph the property as they patrol the property and utilise RFID Technology. The information is updated in real time. Customers can access their account at any time to verify patrols and see the officer's daily reports.
Management and Supervision
  • Written evaluation of your existing security services and action steps for improvement
  • Full Risk assessment and analysis of your facility
  • Full recommendations and implementable objectives
  • Strategic plan for use of closed circuit camera CCTV, access control and other technology
  • Standard operating procedures for what you should receive in security services
  • Security Plans and Designs
  • Site Visits and client specific recommendations
  • Vulnerability and threat assessments
  • Crisis management plans
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Security Guard post orders and instructions
  • Investigations – Internal and incident specific
In addition to these assessment services we provide operational support via Security Guards, Supervisors and on-site Managers.