Security Mobile Patrols

Security Mobile Patrol Services in Sydney

Security mobile patrols are a way of ensuring the security and integrity of your site by providing a visual deterrent. Security mobile patrols are ideal for commercial properties that are left vacant after business hours or private property not open to the public.

4Front Security delivers practical, reliable mobile patrols throughout Sydney and NSW metropolitan areas. Our fleet of vehicles are fitted with a GPS tracking device and monitored 24/7. Mobile patrol services give office, commercial and retail property owners a great way of overseeing their facilities after business hours. Random site visits throughout the night by a well-marked, highly visible patrol vehicle are a proven way to deter property loss or damage. Hence selecting mobile patrols services can potentially eliminate trespassing, theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.


Our mission is to provide a mobile patrol service that is unprecedented in the level of individualised customer service, creative solutions and utilisation of current technology.

A marked, highly visible vehicle will visit a customer's property at an agreed specified number of times. Patrol officers physically check all accessible gates, doors as well as parking areas to ensure the property is secured, and no unauthorised persons are trespassing. Daily activity and incident reports are crucial to a property owner or manager. Thus we communicate what's observed at the property. We also customise each client's report to reflect the property's specific needs and the customer's preference. Detailed electronic statements are generated and emailed daily to notify the customer of any unusual activities, incidents or maintenance issues.

Patrol Visits
One of the biggest concerns in this industry is accountability and verification of visits. 4Front Security utilises a high tech reporting system to track officers' patrols. Officers have to photograph the property as they patrol the property and utilise RFID Technology. The information is updated in real-time. Customers can access their account at any time to verify patrols and see the officer's daily reports.
Management and Supervision
Each morning, reports will be reviewed by 4Front Security management and customers will be notified either by phone or email of any incidents or unusual findings. Since the reports will be reviewed regularly, we can also be proactive in recommending solutions to recurring problems.
Why would I need a security patrolman?
Sometimes staff forget to lock up/secure your premises, they also may forget your product /materials outside to open eyes. This may be due to many reasons e.g. busy day, fatigue, wrong mindset, in a hurry to leave and relying on the next person. To avoid these scenarios a 4front Security mobile patrolman can ensure you’re always secured and ensure the integrity of your business.

Our security mobile patrol services include:
  • Lock up service
  • Random patrols
  • Gates, windows and door checks
  • Alarm system response patrol
  • Welfare checks
  • Casual security patrol
  • Night or day security patrol