Commercial Security Trends That Security Consultants Need to Adopt
  • Security service is a holistic affair that entails a wide array of aspects. It includes private as well as commercial security, both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to offering private security in Sydney, the roles and responsibilities of the security personnel are somewhat controlled and subdued, much due to the lack of scope and space. However, when things come down, commercial security challenges are many, and to counter them, the security consultants would make them flexible enough to follow certain security trends that would help them deliver the best and most fitting solutions to the potential security trends.

    For instance, they would implement modern cloud-based solutions in the commercial complexes. This will ensure that the property managers and the security staff are able to access real-time data 24x7 and can monitor the security of the complex even when they are off-site. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to explain.

    Uniting Cyber and Physical Security

    In the present context, against the backdrop of the present threat perception, physical and cyber security are no longer two distinct concepts. The increased use of cloud-based securities and related technologies makes the protection of security systems from cyber interception an absolute need of the hour.

    Thus, the security consultants in Sydney, like anywhere else, are now able to remotely operate the security features using various devices via a cloud-based hub or control centre. This has revolutionised security technologies immensely, to say the least.

    Integrating the Technologies

    Physical access control has been an excellent base for building integrations and guaranteeing an effortless, user-friendly security system. It has become possible through the integration of tools like video intercom systems and video management with the access control system:

    Integrating the Video Cameras and Access Control

    One of the most vulnerable aspects of an access control system is the potential pilferage of access credentials. Through the process of integration of the security system of a commercial complex with access control, it is possible to remotely view the access logs and watch the video feeds on an interface. This makes pointing out the identity of the users much faster and more accurate. This makes the commercial security system in Sydney more accurate and faster.

    Hygienic Touchless Technology

    This is yet another emerging trend in security technology. Access control is a very popular example of touchless technology, which drastically reduces the number of touchpoints that users have to come into contact with on a day-to-day basis. By using cutting-edge touchless technologies at any commercial complex, it is possible to not only make the security system more foolproof but also prioritise the safety of the customers and the employees.

    Apart from using touchless technologies, it has also become possible to use antimicrobial materials on various surfaces in a commercial complex. The use of these materials will ensure the frequent touch points of the complex are free of germs. This ensures a seamless integration of security and hygiene, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

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