9 Attributes of a Quality Corporate Security Guard
  • Providing security is not anybody’s job. It is a specialised job and only the best and the most competent will excel.  The threat perceptions over the years have changed and it’s a pretty volatile world that we have to deal with. Thus, when it comes to ensuring safety and security, one cannot show any laxity and should put money on the best in the business of providing security. 

    The corporate world, all the more, has to face this changed scenario as they are the most exposed to the world. Thus, they have to depend upon the best when they have to hire a security service provider. How on earth will they evaluate the competency of the company they put money on? They must ensure that the corporate security hire company that they are considering is home to professionals with the following qualities. 

    Punctuality: A quality security guard anywhere in the world needs to be punctual. The bloke needs to turn upright when the individual is needed. 

    Competence:  This is the hallmark of any security guard. Regardless of the situation that they have to face, these pros have to have the skill, experience, training, and knowledge about the techniques of handling the situation and contain it, before spirals out of hand. They are the first line of defence in any office in the event of any security breach. 

    Good Communication Skills: Their job is not only about providing security. They are also the first point of contact for any visitor to the office. Thus, they need to have good communication skills. 

    An Eye for Details: This is one of the most important qualities that security guards in Sydney like anywhere else in the world need to have. The professional must be well aware of everything that is going around and not even slightest of deviation for normality should go unnoticed. 

    Multitasking Ability: Security guards may at times be required to carry out multiple tasks of varying nature at the same time, depending upon the type of business they are providing security cover at. Thus, they need to have multitasking skills. 

    Professionalism: This is yet another highly regarded quality of the security guard that comes in handy. The person needs to be straightforward in handling situations, unbending, and at the same time friendly, cordial, and above all, respectful to others. In short, they need to be professional in approach. 

    Sharpness and Smartness: These two attributes always make a difference. The personnel needs to be sharp and smart and always at the top of the toes to react instantaneously to situations. The bloke needs to have the smartness and presence of mind to grasp things in a jiffy and have sharp reflexes to react to situations. 

    Familiarity with the Latest Techniques and Tools: Security techniques and technology has changed over the years a lot and are still changing. Hence, to be ahead of the perpetrators, the security guards need to be well acquainted with the latest technologies as well as techniques. 

    Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency: These three attributes collectively take the proficiency of security personnel to an altogether new height. The professional must be honest and transparent to the client of his/her employer and to the company the person is representing. It will not only do well to the individual career but carry the goodwill of the security company as well. 

    Taking into account all these qualities, 4Front Security Pty Ltd is the best name that you can put money on if you are looking for a corporate security service provider. With years of experience, we can assure you that our security guards have all these attributes to fulfill your security needs. For further details, call us on 1300 952 285. We work 24x7.